Legal Resolutions in Mexican Newspapers


Publication of Edicts or legal resolutions in the most important newspapers in Mexico such as: El Universal, Periódico Reforma, El Economista, Sol de México, El Financiero and El Excelsior.

We are an advertising agency with professionals and accredited by the Federal Judiciary Council and we offer you the dissemination of the edicts in the media that the legislator has considered more effective for that purpose than are the periodical publications and newspapers of greater circulation.

Publication of edicts among the main newspapers of the entire Mexican Republic of which the following stand out: El Universal, Periódico Reforma, El Economista, Sol de México, El Financiero and El Excelsior.

You can easily pay and publish your information online, but if you want the the printed newspaper our team can help you to send to your home or office by UPS.

An Edict refers to a judicial communication that is made public to give notice of something that should be notorious for everyone. For example: "Court No. 8 published an edict in the newspaper La Gaceta where it notifies users that they must change companies in the next thirty days."

In this context of Mexican law, a definition of Edicto could be the following: Public notification made by an administrative or jurisdictional body, of an agreement or resolution that must be known for compliance or to have legal effects in relation to those interested in the matter in question At the time when the aforementioned procedural codes were elaborated in Mexico, there is no provision in them that orders the use of the other current means of communication, whose effectiveness is even greater, such as radio and television; however, they were not totally excluded for the publication of edicts.

Notices have the function of notifying a citizen to exercise their rights

The edicts are instruments used to notify, as required by law, interested persons or the general public regarding the adoption of some decisions or circumstances of legal relevance.

They are usually published in widely circulated newspapers or posted on the headquarters or website of a public authority, such as in Legal Matters (AL) or in other periodicals. For this, the conventional procedure consists of communicating with the classified area of ​​a medium, requesting the space, consigning the corresponding and sending the page with the information of the edict.

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